Black Stovepipe

We offer several type of black stove pipe options. DuraBlack stovepipe is an economical, single wall, drip free stovepipe. DVL Double wall Black Stovepipe is designed to reduce the clearances to combustibles. It reduces the 18" clearance to 6", allowing the pipe to get closer to the wall than any other connector pipe. The most economical option is the snap-lock 24 gauge option. It offers no clearance reduction but radiates maximum heat from the pipe. If you have a pellet stove, PelletVent Pro pipe is the leader in pellet venting and your best venting choice.

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DuraBlack Stovepipe
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DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe
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PelletVent Pro Pipe
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PelletVent Pro Pipe Extension
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B-Vent Adjustable Gas Pipe
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Type B Gas Vent Pipe
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